Granny goes into witness protection

Wow, throwing him out at the young age of 39. I guess he just wasn’t ready for the world.

This one I swear just got weirder and weirder as it went along.

This is where it starts. The only reason given is she claims there were break ins in the area. Lucky for her she had a friend with a few extra attack dogs to lend out.

Now she is in the hospital. Well, the dogs will keep an eye on the place while she is gone.

What in the hell? No serious, what in the hell does my som cha mean? I’m not an expert on witness protection, but I’m pretty sure they ask you not to update people on Facebook. Also, did they grab you from the hospital or something? Even going through the comments I had no clue what was going on.

I don’t know where she lives, but clearly the cops are lazy there. Just put her up in a safe house and have her post updates on Facebook, that should work.

I’m starting to think its the voices in your head.

She isn’t even safe from crime in a safe house. What is the world coming too? And this is where the plot thinckens.

Interesting how it is in the third person. I’m not a house break in expert either, but I would guess you wouldn’t keep going to the same place over and over looking for money. Kinda falls under the fool me once rule.

Shocker. You also don’t know how to use the caps lock.

I’m still confused, if you weren’t home, how were all these money orders in the mailbox?

Oh for faq sake ! Now her friends are getting home invasions too. WTF Charlie?

Mary is turning into her own Law and Order episode. Lets all just hope the drama stops and she can’t get back to her normal life of

out smarting everyone on Facebook. Detroit Mary, the answer is Detroit.

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