Dont you dare speak the truth!

Oh look, our money grab groups had another cat fight when someone questioned the posters.

Raul speaks the truth! Me and my 19,500 personalities have a blast looking at the posts. The other 500 people either write bump or tell them how sorry they are. Just writing about all the posts in the group alone could be a full time job and its own website.

Poor Brittney needs the cash instead. Because the mean evil system took her son away for no good reason. Happens all the time.

Summer was my favorite, The team bouncer. Follow the rules or you are out!! She has so much Facebook power yet at the end of the day it means nothing.

Then Kaylie step up with what I sure is the intro to her upcoming GoFundMe.

I’m not sure what makes less sense, that you ” 100 qulify for dissability” or that a bunch of doctors told you that ” people that age can’t possibly have that many health problems”. Let me take a really good guess at the translation of that. ” I watched a bunch of ER episodes, wrote things down and tried to use it to get free government money for life. The real world doctors didn’t fall for it.”

In her defense, she may have one form of illness.

This simple fact that she is sporting the same haircut and style glasses I had in the 3rd grade. It is time to let 1985 go, things will be ok here in the future.

We will see you next time somebody in one of these groups says ” wtf?”.

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