Who trashed room 601?

Poor Nova just wanted to have a night out at the Sandcastle in Providence and it has turned into a nightmare. Its even more of a nightmare that she was wasn’t in Providence. The hotel is in Provincetown, but they are so close right?

They accused her of trashing the carpet, can you believe it?

Double fisting with a flat brimmed hat also says ” I’m responsible”.

So on to the wonderful advice and why this story lost it credibility along the way.

Call the media !!! Lawyers and the BBB are so standard issue threats. Anyone who has been in business long enough isn’t scared by that. You have no proof other than your word and the hopes that someone on Facebook will back you. Good luck with that.

Hold on, so they just kept making multiple charges? They didn’t even call you? I’m sure you didn’t leave there without a receipt of the agreed on charges, because that would be dumb. And the bank won’t even do anything? Im even curious how you knew the made all these attempts, declined charges don’t show up.

Now its 45 days before the bank will help? You should totally go down there with the yelp reviews in hand.

LOL, no way, you actually brought other peoples yelp reviews as proof of your dispute. I can’t believe it didn’t work.

No you aren’t you don’t have the money, remember? This doesn’t sound like a case a really lawyer would want unless he is desperate for a quick buck, but once again, you appear to have no proof.

The heck you say? Hmm, good question, if it was there already why would you not record it, get a verification from hotel staff stating it was there and you aren’t responsible, you know, common sense stuff. ( I’m sure the make believe lawyer and Help me Hank will want to know about this.)

Alec, don’t become a lawyer, you suck at it. Its not on them to prove their property wasn’t damaged before her visit.

As of me writing this, Nova nor anyone on her behalf has written a negative review. I’m going to guess because they don’t want to get called out on it.


Now I’m confused. I thought you said they couldn’t get the $1200 and made several decline attempts at various amounts?

If you happened to have stayed in that room and are willing to be an easily disputed witness in the waste of time case, dm Nova quickly.

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