What is going on here?

I got send this soundless video earlier and I figured out what is going on. Take a look.

Its our friend Big TruckerB. As you can clearly see in the video he is talking to a black man, who I have learned goes by the name Trucker Will.

Since I can totally read lips I know what happend. TruckerB is clearly telling Will that the truck stop they are at is “MAGA country” and he should go home. Will is trying to explain he wants to go home but can’t because his hours are up for the day.

The whole time TruckerB is saying hateful things and Will is just smiling because he is afriad if he if doesn’t he will be killed, because TruckeB is a Trump supporter so that automatically makes him a hateful racist.

Disclaimer. None of that was real. See how easy it was to make a fake hate crime with 20 seconds of video. The whole video with sound will be out following this one.

Special thanks to Trucker Will and Big TruckerB for going along with this.

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