Lend me your wheels

Who wouldn’t turn over their car to a complete stranger for $100. What could happen? You don’t have to worry about him wrecking it, he wrote on Facebook he has a perfect driving record, of course, it is hard to get in trouble driving when you have no car to drive.

But he is offering $100, that should cover everything.

Ok Ryan, we get it, you are out.

Just make sure you let us know where the car got impounded.

The only thing more unrealistic than this post is Shayne owning a Porsche.

Ok, please stop trying to make jokes.

One thing did seem very interesting .

So you have a brand new subwoofer that doesn’t fit in your car? I thought you didn’t have a car? And what do you know, he lost the receipt for it, that sucks. From what I can tell, they sell for $60, so just go get one from a store, and keep the receipt,

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