Attention Woke White Women !

Are you a woke white woman in need of spending your money on a black woman to to show you are one of the ” good ones”? Now is your chance !! All you have to do is pay her rent.

Obviously she posted her race and gender to guilt people into coughing up the cash. No doubt it will work. Didi Delgado makes a very nice living making white women feel the have to pay her reparations for no reason other than she is black.

How does that work anyway? Do these women have husbands that are so afraid of them that if there is money missing from the bank they don’t question it? ” Honey, we are missing money from the checking account, do you know what happened?” ” Yes, I paid our reparations to a black woman on craigslist.” And that would be the last time my wife has access to our bank account.

Any guesses if you question her you automatically become a racist? I’m sure you will be , even you are a black woman yourself. Well call me racist, I’ll pay my own rent instead.

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