Juicin up at Cumbys

This was in the Western Mass Tag Sales page.

Could you swear some more so we know you are serious? Can you confirm that your “miner” son was indeed in danger? Maybe it was just some dude struggling to take a shit.

I have never had the privilege of visiting a bathroom at the West Springfield Cumbys, but I would imagine a box for needles would be secure so nobody could just reach in and grab them.

Your not impressing me Matt, you are coming across as a idiot. Once again, if you “miner” kid was just using the restroom and made zero contact with this person, he really wasn’t in danger.

No Stephanie, you don’t report this things. You going into a Facebook For Sale group at 10pm and started bitching. That is how you solve problems.

Maybe the guy was just wacking off because the woman behind the counter was just so damn hot he had to put himself in the chill zone.

Anything is possible.

And with that you just gave away that you made it up. Which explains the delete and retreat. You really expect us to believe your kid heard a noise in the stall and crawled under to see what was happening? That would mean your kids has issues, not the guy in that stall. I’m in my forties and have never once had the urge to crawl under a bathroom stall to check on someone making noises, but thats me.

Just remember, when using the restroom at at Cumberland Farms, just do your business and move on. No need to tell everyone a for sale group your made up story.

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