I need some money, I mean its for my daughter

Wow. That is alot to take in. From what I can tell the story is true, mostly. Josh is talking about this.

Cole is married to Josh’s baby mamma. It does appear that he attempted to film the girl in the bathroom. Sick, yea.

But why this?

Josh appears to live on Florida and Kaylee in Connecticut as far as I can tell. What I can’t tell is what he actually needs the money for? He posted this twice, doing a delete and retreat the first time.

Not sick nasty people buddy, just way to many holes in your story. You claim you are broke because you lost everything. Did you have fun at Disney?

Or Volcano Bay?

You know what is fun and really cheap, Midevil Times!

VIP, those are the nose bleed seats for sure.

So I know what you are saying, what does he need the money for? Don’t ask me I can’t figure it out either.

My guess, he is broke and just trying to use her to get cash off sympathy.

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