Hood Uber Jesus take the wheel

I have been trying to figure out if is real or staged, and if it a real Uber or Hood Uber.

This was posted on Twitter by what looks lil3e a wannabe rapper from Georgia calling himself “shawndagoat”.

He claims the wheel feel off in the middle of an Uber ride.

Obviously she could use the money and tip, her car is falling apart, literally.

I would guess she stays off the highway, you know, in case the steering wheel falls off.

According to Jalopnik.com this appears to be an older Land Rover. Although it is possible for this to happen, they couldn’t find any other reports of it. They also stated that Uber hasn’t confirmed it this was a actually driver and passenger.

Next time you use Uber, or Hood Uber I would suggest you have them tug on the steering wheel, unless you think hitting a tree is fun

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