The wheel off the truck goes round and round

The first self driving tire doesn’t do well.

After seeing that impact I was glad to hear the driver of the the jeep was ok.

True story, about 11 years ago when I drove a tow truck I got sent to pickup a Dodge 1500 pickup. The front end was muckled so towimg it from the rear like you should wasn’t an option. Hooked it from the front, safety chained and we were off.

Somewhere along 395 in Oxford I heard a loud bang. Looked in the mirror and I see the rear wheel and axl passing me in the breakdown lane. I slowed down and pulled over only to watch it cross all four lanes of traffic, thank God missing everyone and head off to the woods

If you ever get bored go look for it if it is still there. Southbound side between exit 6 and 5.

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