Hello police, she stole my teeth !!

That really happened? I would imagine when you live in an area called ” Country Squire” some weird shit is going to happen.

So Toothless Tara ( names has been changed or made up to protect the victim) reports to the cops that Joann ” Choppers” Childers dun stole her teeth. Jealousy between the have and the have not of the denture world is a real thing, at least in Indiana.

The good Sheriff of Jennings County wanted to send a message that he has no tolerance for these heinous kind of crimes. I can only imagine they put their most experienced lead detective on the case, Deputy Gholson.

Turns out Chopper has a appointment with probation. Faqing really? What the hell else did she steal? Candy from a baby? That would explain the teeth thing. Somehow I get the feeling her criminal record must be entertaining.

When the probation officer noticed her shiny new set of teeth he called the Deputy right away. Well, what do you know, Choppers was wearing with Toothless Tara written on them. What is this, elementary school? She seriously wrote her name on the dentures so nobody would take them on her?

Well the teeth were recovered and returned. Joan ” Choppers ” Childers will be do hard time for her crimes all thanks to the good police work of the Jennings County Sheriff and Deputy Gholson.

But I have one last question. She she at least give them a good cleaning before putting them back in her mouth?

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