Here comes the used car internet lawyers

Here we go. A bad car deal goes to the Facebook court. Before we get started lambchop, take off the dog filter and fake coller.

I can’t take you seriously looking like that.

So Lambchop spends almost 2 grand on a very used car from this guy.

I think we can see where this is going.

But still..

That isn’t how it works Jason. The State Police don’t shut down a dealership over one complaint. It is a civil matter not a criminal one. The only time the state police would visit a dealer is to enforce license laws like making sure cars for sale are properly displaying buyer guide.

Then there was a bunch of Lemon law, go to court people. Next thing you you, we gotz us a fight!

Well, Joshii is right. He would know, since he runs an illegal tow truck company. We covered him a few months back advertising his ” tow company”

Please refrain from calling someone stupid when you actually come across as the stupid one.

This sounds familiar. Don’t be judging, you don’t know the situation. It is right out of every ratchet Facebook arrest posting.

Since this is only on Facebook, we have no bill of sale, hell, she never even said the car or mileage. Facebook court finds the defendant guilty because he didn’t post first.

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