The case of the $40 fridge

Damn it James! How could you do this to a sweet old lady! Lets see the ad.

Does kind of seem like an ‘as is’ type ad. But she wrote on Facebook you ripped her off so it must be true. Do you have anything to say for yourself?

Well, I’m now on team James. Its $40. You have no right to harass places on his list as being involved with over it. That takes away and credibility you had Granny Gay.

The comments went back and forth on return the money to screw her. I’m saying screw her based on this.

Well Granny Gay, see how you said it isnt broken? Oops. Then you threaten someone for questioning you? I guess your attempt to publicy shame him isn’t working as well as you hoped.

I say he made a fair deal and told the truth. You made an ‘as is’ deal Granny Gay, so deal with it.

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