Shrink muh boobs

A GoFundMe for a boob job, haven’t seen that before. But this does have a surprise.

Meet Sofia Grace from Florida.

Or is it Elise Rosemary?

Lets just calI her tits tongue. And here is her sad story.

If you are 19 and asking people for 3k to shrink your boobs and you picture is you sticking your tongue out, odds are your tongue and tits were a hit with the high school boys.

She sounds responsible though, lets see her work history.

Freakin Krusty Krab, why do people prentend they work in a cartoon lobster trap?

By now I’m sure you want to help. I think what tits tongue should do is show the GoFundMe folks what she needs help with.

No shit, a topless bathroom selfie. Actually, we got boobs down and boobs up.

GoFundMe is now soft core porn. This has to be the first topless GoFundMe picture. Way to get the pervs to kick in a few bucks. Well, that is if they donate before they wack off, cause after they aren’t interested anymore.

I got one last question. What does your boyfriend have to say about loosing the boobs?

I guess he will be happy as long as he can still smell the fish.


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