You had one job as a photographer

I’ll give you one, hint.

No, really, this is my good side.

About this campaign

Hello! My name is Rebecca. I’m a 20 yr old who is a freelance photographer and a freelance dog walker. I do make some money but it is not enough to live off of on my own.

I can’t imagine why.  Your portfolio just screams “these skills are worth thousands per shoot.”

I’m hoping to raise money for me to be able to feed myself, afford my counseling and medication and afford to live on my own mixed with the income i have from my photography and animal care. I’m picking up a part time job very shortly and anything extra would be a giant help.

sounds noble.  Lets see the results.

$2.00 USD
Raised in 24 months

One comment

  1. She needs to realize that this is a side hustle or a hobby. It is something that she needs to develope into a career. A main job plus smaller income equals paying bills. It takes years sometimes if you dont have god given talent. Im no writer but that is why I am working on it while I work a main job. It will take me knocking on doors for assistance and it will take my own money to promote it, not a cute ass.


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