Send me to Hollywood !

Good for you ! Your going to be an actress all you need to do is learn how to act. The good news, the ” agency” will send you to class, the bad you have to pay for it.

You went to a tryout? I thought they were called auditions. This is how it works Marissa, the agency sells you a dream. They want you to pay for pictures, classes, website listing in the hopes that James Cameron see you and says ” I have to have this girl in my next big film!” No promises, no guarantees. The only thing you can be sure of is they will take every dime they can get from you.

How much you need anyway?

Well, if you can’t raise the money to make your dreams come true, may I suggest a roles as bitchy slutty girl in any MTV show or a maybe work the casting couch a little bit. Good luck, we will see you at the movies !!

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