We can’t afford our dream vacation

This almost shouldn’t be a surprise anymore, another GoFundMe for a Disney trip. But wait until you see this.

Ridiculous to some? How about everyone. So you are all poor and want to take a low budget trip. No such thing at Disney. So how much do you need?

Holy shit ! That isnt a small budget. So go on and tell us about this royal trip.

This is a jole, right? You are so sick and disabled you can’t work but are ok for a Disney trip and a cruise? Sorry, not just you, the whole family.

These are trips you work and save for. No sympathy for this one. I truly hope you and your family never get to experience your dream vacation on someone else’s money. And since you have raised $0, I might get that hope.

Of course there is more. Them comments.

OMG, what was said? Don’t worry, I got it.

Shut up Kara, Carol has the floor. I could not agree with her more. There are bigger problems in the world than Cate and her family wanting a dream Disney trip.


  1. What I didn’t get was why she was trying to get enough money for all 14 people instead of just her immediate family and the other family members could perhaps pay their own way. I also wonder if this one ever raised more money!


    • That is a good question as to why 14 people need to go. As of today they have raise not one dollar, and it has been almost 30 days since the GoFundMe was opened.
      Thanks you for reading the blogs. Please share and like your favorites.- Tommy B Rider


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