Homeless? Come live with crazy cat lady!

This is a deal. Get up in the morning, shower dressed, and have a cup of coffee before heading out to the office to work for the day. And by office, I mean whatever street comer you are panhandling on. Do the math. If you get $50 a day,that leaves $40 after the $10 couch rental, That still leaves $40 for food, booze and or drugs.

But lets say your career as a beggar is taking off. Then just like the Jeffersons its time to move on up.

I got a feeling this room smells like cat. No joke, check out her page, nothing but cat.

But wait there is more! If you happen to be a homeless lady, she has discount clothes available.

Great for summertime working the corner or alley. Could also work for a guy.

I have no last question. What the hell does it mean when you said “unless you have no tummy”?

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