Don’t send out invitations to a sneak attack

If you haven’t heard by now there is a big event planned out in New Mexico to raid area 51. Lets find them aliens !!

The scheduled date is September 20 Starting around 3 am and going until 6 am. That should give the roughly 600,000 people planning on going plenty of time to rip that military base to pieces well the Air Force just stands there and watches.

I think it is more exciting to this that 600,000 people would voluntarily travel to New Mexico.

If you haven’t figured it out yet this is just a joke. A two months notice gives the government plenty of time to find the aliens a new home a move the space ships. But people are stupid and some will still show up thinking they will catch E.T. out on his morning jog before work.

So for anyone thinking about going, Big TruckerB would like to take 30 seconds to explain to you what will happen.

Lets say you can’t make it to New Mexico, well great news we have a raid planned in Washingto DC too !!!

The military will be so busy handling the crowd over at area there will be probably only one guard at the reserve.

We be rich in no time !!!!

If you can’t wait that long for a big in your face moment toward the government, I got you covered.

That’s right woke folk, we are taking over Mexico ! If we can get enough people we will keep moving south through Central America into South America. By the time we are done Trump and the Republicans will all be crying because we showed them !! I personally can’t make it that day, but everyone make sure to post pictures on social media of how well things are going.

The link to the event is posted here. It is open to the public so make sure to invite everyone you know !!!

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