Attention group, new rules !

This announcement was sent out by the Its only money group informing memebers of new rules.

First, Tina Leclair. that sounds familiar.

I think I have seen her in Everything Plymouth. Oh well, Im not worried. She won’t figure out what names is in what group.

Meanwhile. On to the new rules !

Rule one just tells you how to set up your request.

Rules two reminds to you post a screenshot if you give money, so we all know you are one of the good ones. I would suggest a selfie so we can also see the speak to your manager hair style your sporting.

Rule three sucks. Those are the good requests. Booze and smokes because being broke is stressful. Nothing about pizza though !

Rule 4 is funny. Only ask for $100. Usually they dont ask for much under the hopes alot of people with give 5 or 10. It adds up

Rule 5, no more GoFundMe. Good thing there are 100 or group for that.

Rule 6, Sorry kids. Your allowance will not come from Facebook. Could cause some problems for the 15 year old girl looking to get an abortion though.

Rule 7 is actually in place to keep beggars from bothering memebers. I tried messaging a few people for comments on posts, they all denied even knowing anything and then blocked me. I’m surprised Tommy Rider hasn’t been brought yup yet on thier pages.

Rule 8, must give a $1 every month. No, I’ll pass. Not happening. $1 is a cup of coffee, and you don’t want me writing about your post if I haven’t had coffee. Better question, where does this money go. Allegedly the admin uses it to pay some of the beggars, it never gets posted. Hmm, I wonder. Good luck with that making everyone pay or else thing.

Full disclosure, I have no idea how much the admins do collect or what they use it for. I’m sure there are good people with good intentions in this groups, but they beggars are more entertaining.

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