Where the race at?

Well, last night the NASCAR boys were in Kentucky racing Julio. Hope you didn’t miss it. Great ending, even better when Kyle Busch looks like he is going to cry because he didn’t win.

We have to assume that Julio can’t be dumb enough to ask people where illegal street racing could be taking place. I heard a rumor that the 5-0 figured out how to use Facebook .

The look of my Honda is ready I just got no where to go.

Asking where to do something illegal in a public forum, not the smartest. Might get you kicked out of the criminal pages.

Hey, we all got to start somewhere.

I only understand half of that.

So this all took place late Saturday night, I think it was sent to be around 11 pm or so. Everyone has a few good laughs and moved on.

Fast forward to Sunday morning. Michael LaFountain showed up to put his two cents in. If you have never run into this guy in the 413 classifieds you aren’t missing much. He is just a troll that likes to shit on everyone to make himself feel better.

Where da faq did that come from ? The guy asked a stupid question. Maybe he like watching morons hit telephone poles. Clearly Julio shouldn’t be racing because he lacks the able to drive a car well.

He asked for $10K, raised only $80. Not bad, not $9,920 short of his goal.

Care to answer that Mikey?

News flash Mike, you have to be 21 to go into a club, which means you are an adult. I have no idea what the club scene looks like anymore, nor do I care. Do I assume everyone that goes out is a drug dealing loser? Nah.

We know that their are people who are just ratchets. They sell drugs, suck off the government and are a waste of space. All of which had not one thing to do with this. Like always Mike, you felt it was your place to step up on your soap box, lecture and shit on people.

I just don’t know how to tell you this buddy, but you aren’t going to change a thing. So there is no point in trying to thing you will change the 413 no matter how much you bitch.

You did change one thing though. I just thought you are a cranky old prick before, now I think you are just a full blow asshole.

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