Time to scam the donuts

LARGO, Fla. (FOX 13) – She hired a fake employee, clocking the worker in and out for about two months, all while pocketing the paychecks.  

And I thought no show jobs for were only for mob guys to get fat paychecks.

The scheme came to a halt this week when the Pinellas County Dunkin Donuts manager was arrested and charged with grand theft.

The Pinellas Park Police Department says the bogus worker was hired at the Largo store back in May. Somehow the company that owns the location was tipped-off to the scam and started their own investigation. For officers, it was pretty much an open and closed case.

“They met the officer around the corner, showed him all the video that they had, paperwork that they had, timesheets and things like that, and basically presented their case to the officer first,” said Pinellas Park Police Sergeant Lonnie Lancto.

All the evidence focused on one employee. A man who logged 235 hours working at the eatery over seven weeks. The problem was, he only existed on paper.

“The employee never actually showed up to do any work, and when they researched the employee’s clock-in and clock-out times they saw that it was her inputting it each time,” Lancto said.

Maybe he just couldn’t figure out how that time clock worked? Give her some credit though, that only breaks down to 33 hours a week. So no overtime.

Markia Nelson was arrested Monday morning

Investigators say Nelson was also keeping the phony worker’s paychecks. Pocketing $1,610.84 she said she needed for “life expenses.”

Why else would she create a fake employee? Obviously she was going to take them money, she wasn’t in it for the employee of the month award.

Detectives are still looking into the crime, and the 29-year-old could be facing other charges including identity theft for that employee she hired.

“She had the information of who she said quote was a friend of hers, so the information for the person was an actual person,” said Lancto.

Happens all the time. I can’t tell you how many times my friends have asked to use my identity to collect paychecks off no show jobs. At least once a week if not more.

So far, Nelson has been charged with grand theft.

According to online court records, it’s a crime she’s been arrested for numerous times before.

Does that surprise anybody? My only question is when she applies for her next job will she also fill out an application for her fake employye ?

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