Throw down at McD’s

Well this date is going well. We have no idea why boobzilla is tossing this guy around McDonald’s like a rag doll. But here are the top 10 reasons it may have happened.

10) She oredered a Double Quarter Pounder and he said ” yeah, you are far from it”.

9) he said “ I like them super sized”.

8) he suggested she have a Diet Coke

7) She order a 20 piece chicken nugget and he asked if that would be enough.

6) He ran out of money and she was only half way through her order

5) He told her the other big girl was cuter.

4) he doesn’t like Big Macs and that happens to be her nickname.

3) He informed her of the weight limit on the Playland.

2) He poiont out the no shoes, no shirt no service sign.

And number one is..

He suggested she have a salad.

Feel free to add your own suggestions.

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