This will piss you off

The GoFundMe me , cash app give me your money, etc groups have been a lot of fun. Its like being an illegal at a Liz Warren convention when you post in there, nothing but cash and love. But I have also watched them turn on people faster than a guy in a MAGA hat at a Bernie rally.

Well they turned today. From what I could tell, with just cause.

Yes, this skank ass bitch from Ohio used images and a story of someone’s else’s loss to try and scam money.

Any questions about what kind of person she is? Here is the post.

So sad😫. Let me save you a trip over to GoFundMe, she already closed it. I also couldn’t find any info on this child.

So how did it come to be determined as fake?

It completely normal someone wants to help you that you refuse to answer questions and block them. Mamma needs the cash in her hand.

Everyone seems to be pointing at a post from January 2018 of a child thst did die shortly after birth.

Looks like the same baby to me. She even went as far as to post it on her Facebook page.

Needless to say, she has done a delete and retreat on all this.

This just all around takes a certin type of sick fucking person to do this. No way around that. I’m glad they called her out on it and I hope karma get her.

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