You suck, bye!

I honestly don’t know if I feel bad for this kid or he is just being a brat.

If tough being a kid these days. You see all these youtubers making money putting videos up of themselves playing video games and figure “I can do that!”

You make the channel, make the videos and only get two subscribers. I take mom amd dad for $100. All that work for nothing.

Actually the kid has five videos up. Three of him playing games, one where he scream help for 10 seconds and this one. Nothing super impressive.

All I can say is hang in there kid. Go visit our YouTube page. You are a success story compared to that pile of steaming crap I made. My mom and dad won’t even follow it that is how bad it is right now. Roman wasn’t built in a day and neither was a YouTube channel.

PS, your welcome. This blog probably got you more views than all your videos combined and you most likely will have no idea why.

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