Please Do Not Shoot the RMV !

Down in Kansas City Missouri a Woman Named Vanessa Richey went to the RMV. The line was lung, so she flipped the faq out and went outside to unload her frustration, with her gun.

That is what 34 looks like in Missouri?

We all hate the RMV. Nobody enjoys going there. ladt time I had to go was to renew my license and get a the new real ID. I had to make two trips to the freakin place because the online application told me to bring one set of documents, then I get there, and the miserable bitch behind the counter wouldn’t accept one form. Sure I was born in the USA so it would be harder for me that an illegal, but whatever. I got to see chicken guy on the way home so I was happy.

Staff asked her to leave because she was being “loud and obnoxious., ” using foul language and announcing that the “wait time is ridiculous.” The woman then said she was going to get a gun.

Yup, nothing gets you to the front of the line quicker than threatening to get a gun. The wait time has always been ridiculous, first time at the RMV?

Witnesses report she went into the parking lot, took out her gun and fired it a couple of times into nearby landscaping. We all know that mulch out front controls the lines.  An off-duty officer who heard a gunshot approached the woman and ordered her to put the gun down.

Richey was reportedly transported to the hospital for evaluation. Don’t know why, all normal people shoot the bushes at the RMV when the line is long. Doesn’t make you nuts. Richey has been charged with unlawful use of a weapon and is currently being held under bond.

So you think she may be nuts, eh? I don’t. Who here hasn’t got annoyed at a long line and just started swearing up a storm before firing off a few rounds? Nobody? Well I guess old Vanessa is alone on this one.

I got one last question. So did she get her transaction ever processed or nah?

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