Who ordered the traffic light?

This one has been making its way around the truck news. A driver for Swift Transportation was delivering a traffic light.

This took place in Eu Claire Wisconsin. The driver who mmay have been Helen Keller, jumped a curb ripping the light pole out. Obviously he never heard it, felt it or even saw it. I get maybe not hearing or feeling it, but how the hell did he not see it?

Its mind boggling that he did not see that in his mirrors. One side is a big ass pole and the other side is a traffic light. Did he think the light was following him pr just part of his load?

The woman filming this tried to stop him but, nah, he is on a deadline. They need that traffic light delivered before the morning rush hour.

As his final act he runs the stop sign at the next intersection. I have to guess he was absent the day they taught driving at truck driving school.

The police caught him a few blocks away where I am pretty sure he said ” what traffic light?”. He did get a ticket, no word on if he has a job still . I understand though that someone ordered a bridge too.

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