Stop messing with the ice cream !!

INDIAN SHORES, Fla. (FOX 13) – A St. Petersburg woman was arrested for sticking her unwashed hands and spitting in ice cream at an Indian Shores ice cream shop, police said.

Indian Shores police arrested 66-year-old Jung Soon Wypcha after she was seen in surveillance video tampering with ice cream and supplies at Lu Lu’s Ice Cream and Candy Shop on at least three days in June, they said. 

On June 17, police said she used “the bathroom with the door wide open” five times and didn’t wash her hands. Wypcha then walked to a freezer storing organic ice cream, opened ice cream containers, and placed her hands in them, police said. Investigators said surveillance video showed her picking her nose and sticking her hands in the ice cream, and another video showed her spitting into the ice cream containers.

Really ? What did that ice cream ever do to you? Not that homemade” piss and bugger” ice cream isn’t great, just not sure I want to know the source.

On the following day, police said Wypcha entered a back room to use the bathroom. When she exited the bathroom, they said she noticed boxes piled on top of the ice cream freezer, preventing her from opening it.

Police said she moved the boxes but was still unable to open the freezer, and she left the facility.

Can I make a suggestion ? Why didn’t we stop her after the first few times? We are just going to let crazy asian lady run wild in the bathroom and freezer?

On June 22, Indian Shores police said she entered the back room to use the bathroom. However, there was a lock on the door, they said.

When she couldn’t open it, investigators said she grabbed one of Lu Lu’s ice cream buckets – used to churn their homemade ice cream – and urinates in it. They said she poured the bucket into a sink marked with the word, “rinse.” Officials said the sink is used to wash the ice cream folding utensils and mixing bowls at the shop. 

Did someone not get sprinkles or something? The amazing part is she was determined to mark her territory no matter what.

After, police said she opened the ice cream freezer, put her hands inside and left the room. Police said the act was recorded on surveillance video on three different occasions on that day. 

Police said Wypcha’s actions caused the business to get rid of $2,000 worth of product to “ensure public safety.”

I am actually more curious how she had this much free roam without an employee stopping her.

So it turns out she worked at a business next door. And well, see for yourself.

Yup, a frozen fish and bait shop. Not confirmed that was her employer, but it makes sense. So he was handling frozen dead fish, then wiping her hand on her crotch after peeing, picking her nose and then grabbing ice cream. Tasty.

. Investigators said there was no indication of drug or alcohol influence, or any indication of mental health issues.

Officials did not give any details on a possible motive. Wypcha was arrested for tampering and criminal mischief. She bonded out of jail Monday night. 

For some reason she just really hates Lu Lu’s ice cream. Maybe her family will consider not eating food with her ” secret sauce” anymore.

I’m starting to think people down south just have something against ice cream. After two people were arrested for messing with Bell Blue ice cream and now crazy lady using it like a paper towel, all we can do is ask, PLEASE LEAVE THE ICE CREAM ALONE !!

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