Bad night at Wackos

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrested Raymond Tylor Surber after reports of a “drunk and naked individual” walking around Wacko’s storefront on Thursday, July 4, police say.

A strip joint named Wackos? Of course it is Florida. This dude just whipped it out hoping to impress the ladies. And yes, it is a real place, here is their website.

Police observed that Surber had swollen, bloodshot and watery eyes and was very incoherent, JSO says. Surber was also repeating “I have to go to the bathroom,” according to the report.

Well, that is what happens when your drunk. One minute you are enjoying $20 drinks throwing ones around, next thing you know, your drunk talking to the cops naked and needing to pee.

At the time of the arrest, Surber could not provide his name, where we was coming from or an explanation of why he was naked and walking around, police say

That is one hell of a night! It turns out Wackos has been raided before for drugs and prostitution, but it sounds like this guy hadn’t gotten that far yet.

Police searched the area and were able to locate a pair of black shorts containing Surber’s Florida driver’s license and a pink iPhone on the ground.

Dude, a pink iphone? I get it, you can go pink because you were showing everyone you are all man, right?

Thats isn’t even the best part. While googling Wackos I found this video.

Yup, a radio station telling you how to tip a stripper. Only in Florida.

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