Woke-Nike is Full of Sh*t

Not classified or service related but wanted to vent on this.

So big news over the holiday week was that Nike supposedly capitulated to Colin Kaepernick and pulled its Betsy Ross Flag themed shoes.  BTW – go buy your Besty Ross Flag from Amazon (its now a top seller on the site).  Nike once again, comes out with free pub and its stock price takes a nice tic upwards.  Nike also comes across as woke, aware, “one of the good ones.”

Anyone that pays attention knows that Nike doesn’t care about any of that shit, they put the pros of being woke and the cons of pissing off middle America on a scale and if a scintilla of that tips to the former then, that’s the way they’ll go.  Siding with Kaep is a no-brainer since his supporters dominate social media platforms and will tweet, IG, Snapchat pro-Kaep messages while at the same time, keeping Nike trending.  Its almost as if Nike is relying on this band of….useful idiots.

Well, in light of that and yesterday’s Womens World Cup game, I could not help but recall a little Nike Commercial from back in the day (1999).  I remember seeing in on ESPN and I got it.  I thought it was funny, low brow frat humor.  That was right up my alley.  Anyone who grew up watching John Belushi peer into that Co-ed’s window in Animal House and then give a look to the camera “got” this commercial.

I want nothing more, God, than for this clip to re-emerge and make all the people I find intolerable angry.  If anything could bring the alt-woke for a frothy furor it would be this.

For those too young to remember, Brandi Chastain scored the winning PK goal securing the world cup for the ladies, and in a moment of spontaneity, whipped off her shirt exposing a black sports bra (not that I have that burned into my brain).

So this commercial is funny, it was a nod to the type of ESPN sports center commercials centered on famous athletes and those traits that made them interesting.

But in 2019 this commercial is a big no-no for the woke-left.  Lets just see what we have here.  Three black guys one white woman.  I’m sorry I take that back, its three “leering” black guys.  It also stars one doe-eyed, innocent white woman.  The way she looks up, signals “what are you looking at, guys”, along with a nervous smile.  I heard the director went on to great things working with Reality Kings and Bang Bros.

Now, anyone with an IQ knows this was a joke.  But you can here the criticisms already, “tone deaf”, “plays on outdated stereotypes”, “this is what happens when your creative team lacks POC.”  Who cares, “whats up with the shirt” was a great line.

But in 2019, Nike would have to atone, apologize and promise to do better.  Does it matter if the commercial is 20 years old? Nope, say you’re sorry now for something that happened two decades ago.

I’m sure back then Nike weighed the pros and cons and felt any backlash wouldn’t outweigh the pros.   This was before social media so any protest would have appeared in print or maybe Jessie Jackson went on CNN to complain, who knows.  Fact is Nike is Full of shit these days.  Hard to believe a company that relies on little kids to stitch their shoes would act that way.

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