Answering questions with Quora

Everyday I get an email from Quora with new questions and answers. So time to start answering them.

A job.

You should keep the gas pedal all the way down and drive like you stole it.

No, you want to make sure the police can’t see your hands. Pretend like you are looking for a hidden gun or something.

I write jokes on a website and my card got declined trying to buy a breakfast burrito, so I have no net worth.

The brakes.

Thought they were toilets, turned out to be guns as part of an FBI sting. Patrick Swayze played me in the movie.

Drink Henny until I pass out. Other than waking up in pee and vomit I do feel better rested.

No. It is completely professional for an adult to play video games during a business meeting.

Hard to say, turns out they don’t file taxes on their income.

When I learned not everything posted on Facebook is the truth.

This one time I was delivering some pizzas and a girl that looked like a supermodel couldn’t pay for it so we settled on sex instead. I thought was weird that she had a whole film crew there and nothing of them had money either.

What is ” uswered?

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