What will get me money?

The hottie of the month is back! She just can’t seem to stop posting bullshit lies online to get free money.

If you don’t remember her, you will. She is the “ Something has to get me money” and ” Still trying to get me money“. I would show you a picture to remind you, but I promised not to. That and the last picture may have lead to several cases of severe vomiting, blindness, and unattended suicides. Which is why I have to include the following warning. VIEWING THESE POST CAN LEAD TO BLINDNESS, ILLNESS OR SUDDEN DEATH, OPEN AT YOUR OWN RISK. So this is all I am allowed to show now.

Tittoo, you get the point.

Today she needs money to go take her driving test. Which lead me to wonder how she possibly was driving just a few short weeks ago when the brake in her car gave up trying to stop more weight then they were ever designed for.

We get it. You are a liar. Lat week you need $80 for wifi today is to take a driving test. May I make a suggestion. Take that photo you have of the half naked guy with your hand down his pant and tell him if he dont give you two hundred fifty you will show his and face give his name. That should get you the cash in an hour.

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