Its a magical place, and I want to go!

Meet Kara from California.

She has a dream and needs your help. She wants to go to Disnyland with her friends !!

Hello, internet, My name is Kara Pedrola! I am 24 years old and have never been to the most magical place on Earth… Yet! Recently, a few of my friends, who I hardly ever get to see, have planned a trip to Los Angeles to go to Disneyland. I was invited to tag along, but my funds and hopes are low as of right now.

Its tough being an adult. Sometimes you just have to pass on the Disney trips. Or you could say faq that, and start a GoFundMe.

Growing up, I’ve always wanted to visit this so called magical place, but my family has never had the desire to go– let alone plan an expensive trip around me. Now that I have friends who want to see Disneyland their second time, I don’t want to miss this chance to be my first!

So this is all your parents fault because they didn’t love you enough to take you there?

What The Funds Will Be Used For:

Fuel! I live 10 hours away from LA, and man, gas is expensive! I hope to contribute my share on gas for this road trip.

Thanks for telling us about gas prices.

The ticket inside. Disneyland tickets as of right now are going for $150 per person for one day! Pretty spendy, right? I couldn’t believe it either!

This isn’t news. Disney has always been expensive.

Food! I need help covering the cost of this trip without starving myself to death! I’ve heard that Disney is home to the most magical and delicious meals.

There is nothing magical about them. They just cost twice as much as everywhere else.

A place to stay because sleeping on the ground outside in the parking lot isn’t very fun, eh?

You would be removed by the Disney cops. Please stop trying to be funny.

My friends plan on leaving the 20th of July. Yep, this month. I know its a bit of a stretch but I appreciate everyone who donates, shares this, or even looks at this page.

From the bottom of my heart, the little girl in me thanks you!

You still got time, or just don’t go and save for another trip. When you are 24 years old you are to old to hold fundraisers to go to Disney. Sorry.

So how much did she ask for?

It could have been worse. So far she hasn’t earned a dime, but she did get some words of encouragement.

So are you donating or nah Gina?

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