I-70 Part ?? The lawyer faq’d up again?

Source Transportationnation.com

Denver, Colorado – For the second time in less than a month, the lawyer representing 23-year-old truck driver Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos against 36 felony charges stemming from a deadly crash along I-70 in April, has been arrested.

Again? I have lost track of how many times I have written about these guys. The lawyer is racking up more charges than his client. I wonder if he is representing himself?

Denver-based attorney Robert Corry is once again in trouble with the law after he was arrested Wednesday afternoon on one count of displaying/flourishing a weapon.

Due tell? Was it a gun, knife, his clients CDL?

According to police, the incident occurred Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in the 810 block of N. Acoma Street – near 8th and Acoma in downtown Denver.

Investigators reported receiving numerous 911 calls complaining of a man waving a sword and threatening people.

Upon arriving on the scene police did not immediately find the weapon, but asked Corry for permission to search his black Maserati.

A sword? Was he fighting pirates?

Investigators said the 2-foot-long sword was found in the trunk of his vehicle, according to the probable cause statement.

So is the air really that thin in Denver or does this guy give discounts to drug dealers?

At this point if he was my lawyer I would take my chances defending myself, odds are this guy won’t do me any good since he either will be to strung out to show up or won’t make bail.

Here is some new details on his wacky adventures last month.

He was arrested on Friday, June 14th after what can only be described as a bizarre incident beginning at the Denver International Airport.

According to the probable cause statement in that arrest, officials said an unidentified woman went to the airport to pick Corry up and give him a ride.

When she arrived she found Corry in a fearful state.

Actually, in his defense here, maybe he had just flown on Spirit Airlines. I get scared just walking by one of their ticket counters.

Police said the woman alleges Corry quickly grabbed her hand and told her he “was being chased by ‘Arabs’ and they had a helicopter.”

Umm, ISIS in Denver? Oh now I get it ! Thats why he had the sword, because that is how they fight in the middle east when they aren’t beheading people. Ok, got it.

According to the report, Corry and the woman hurried to her vehicle and Corry slid behind-the-wheel.

The woman alleges Corry began “driving aggressively, striking other vehicles, honking the horn and yelling at people.

Further, he allegedly plowed through the gate arm at the short-term parking structure’s toll booth, breaking the vehicle’s windshield in the process.

Wait, that actually works? I have only since it on TV. I would completely lose my mind in short term parking too. Look at these rates !

The woman demanded to be let out of the vehicle, but he told her she “had better be quiet or he would kill her,” court documents state.

The woman even alleges Corry went so far as to break off the rear-view mirror equipped with a BMW assist button in order to prevent her from using it to call for help.

Obviously we don’t know if this guy has a drug or alcohol problem. Maybe he is just losing his freaking mind.

The next court date is July 11 for  Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos . Will He show? Will the lawyer make bail in time? Will he even still be the lawyer? Stay tuned, this just keeps getting better and better !

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