Still trying to get me money

Al’ Leana is Back !!! I really wish she wasn’t because I still can’t sleep without having nightmares of her, so just to remind you.

I really am sorry for doing that to you again. If you truly need the punishment, click here to see the original

Last time she blinded us with her beauty was June 25 when she needed pulls ups, had a GoFundMe for an nonexistent seizure machine, and was about to loose her job because her ” brake hose” blew on her car. That was believable since she had a hand written estimate from Michigan’s worst mechanic.

Well only three short days later life was good for her.

Take that hoes !!! And she even gotz a new man.

I would cover my face too. In fact I would choose to transport nuclear waste in plastic bags on the front seat of my car rather than play bedroom bounce house with her.

Just like that, she needs help again.

What you need girl? Please say condoms so you don’t reproduce !!

Well, you seem to have the ability to get online. Not sure where the problem is. I doubt you are in school, unless PCA training is online. But please explain to use how it is $78.

You didn’t have $10 a month, for at least 6 months? Seriously? But I thought you were making more than all the other hoes in the hood?

That must suck though, being that broke and just sitting at home all the time playing find the wet spot with your man while waiting for the kids to have seizures. I guess you never get out.

That looks like something I would never attend in a million years, how much is it to go?

Exactly one months wifi, what are the odds.

I ask everyone not to help with this at all. She needs to never be on the internet again! She will just keep doing this to us people.

I can’t look at it anymore. I promise you all this, she will NEVER be blogged about again by me. EVER.

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