Racist or just a statue?

There just is no way around it. It is a statue of a man eating watermelon. Ok, it is a black man or boy eating watermelon. And of course that has been stereotyped as racist. Although, watermelon is a tasty snack and should be enjoyed by all races and genders.

The seller appears to be just someone selling antiques , but of course someone has to lead the charge to brand this guy evil.

Is it? it doesn’t have to be unless you want it to be.

What is wrong about an old school piggy bank? Oh, I get it , because it is a black person it must be racist. Maybe it was made by a black person who didn’t want to make a white guy piggy bank. Ever think of that?

History happened, this art was made. Accept it. But she is entitled to have her point of view, seeing she is a person of color and all.

Umm, yeah, about that.

And on that note, we will move on.

Next Devin stepped in to put some more fuel on the fire.

OMG, now it is a statue of a black man eating watermelon and chained up. This just got super racist ! Well, take a look.

Chain or just a metal price tag strap? I’m going with the latter since the same ” chain” appears in a few other items he is listing.

lets skip over the monkey thing and look at the tag.

Tag or nuce to hang a policeman, you decided.

Of course the seller is white, so the woke people had to jump on it as racist. Everything is racist now. I even heard a story yesterday of someone crying racism over being called a ” knuckle head”. I still haven’t figured out how an old school term for dummy is racist, but I guess you don’t even have to be able to explain it anymore.

Obviously being an old item it was made back when people thought differently. Hell, for all we now the person who made it could be black. You never know. Art is always open for interpretation. I truly hope some black person buys this and props it right up in the front yard so all the woke white people can come by and tell them how racist it is.


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