Me love you longtime

Remember 900 numbers? Call the “sexy” girl and talk dirty. Well, they are on Facebook now. Lets meet a few.

Great, she has matured enough to send me dirty pictures. She will send her number, which only cost $3.99 a minute and some dude in an India call center will talk dirty to you.

What other countries have a Chicago? No way she is from Illinois, her English is too good. I’ll give her credit, that was better write than most personal ads.

You spelled your own name wrong. This is already off to a bad start. But I want to know how she is going to raise her family, and the kids too.

Nothing is more of a turn on that broken english and being asked if I speak Spanish 500 times. I dont really think she wants me to answer how she looks and what I would call her in my language, she may think stripper or prostitute are a compliment.

So there are your four 900 nimber ladies. Before you call remember, porn is always free and you wont end up really talking to this.

Yeah, she is single too.

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