July 4th, Independence Day unless you don’t agree with the left.

I was going to take the day off , relax, have some beer , hamburgers, hot dogs, finnally put the air conditioning in so the wife stop complaining. But I figured if I write this it buys me 10 minutes.

So if you haven’t seen it yet there is an 8 year old girl named Ava Martinez who made parody videos mocking Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez. Calling herself “Mini AOC”, they were rather funny.

July 4th represents among many things your freedom to say what you think without fear. Of course, mock a democratic and the left think they are entitled to shut you up.

So yup, this 8 year old girl and her family have started being harrassed and threated over it forcing them to take everything down. Really, are you that freakin tapped in the head that you will threaten an 8 year old for making a joke? Ahh, poor babies can’t handle the thought their “hero” isn’t liked by everyone. That make you a bigger loser than Bernie and Hillary in 2016 combined. You want something to cry about?

Yeah, feel that burn bitches!

Since the left has decided to take away Mini AOC’s constitutional right to freedom of speech. I will gladly step in.

Now, if you see this and feel you need to complain, let me save you the trouble. I just don’t care what you think.


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