Who clogged the toilet?

This is Patrick D. Beeman of Sheboygan Wisconsin. He was in court on Monday and sentenced to 150-day jail term and three years of probation on Monday after being convicted of five counts of criminal damage to property. Would you like to know what he did? Of course you do.

He was arrested and charged with repeatedly plugging plastic bottles down toilets in the women’s restroom at his workplace. No shit, just plastic bottles.

Police began investigating Beeman after they found a toilet in a women’s bathroom at Deland Community Center clogged by a plastic bottle in March 2018, court documents said. Officers reviewed ten similar instances at the center since April 2017.  Each clogged toilet cost the city about $200 to repair, according to the criminal complaint. Very sneaky. Clogging the women’s toilets so that nobody would think it was a guy doing it. But this is 2019, now all you have to say is ” man, I feel like a woman” and you are in.

The manager of a temp agency where Beeman worked also told police he also damaged toilets at a company he was placed at by the agency. Beeman was moved to a second company where similar instances of clogged toilets began to occur. I can almost here that conversation now. ” The toilet in the ladies room is clogged.” ” Funny, that happened at my last job too. “

Beeman told police he couldn’t explain it but just had urges to do it. We have all urges once in a while to punish a toilet or potentially clog it , but usually that doesn’t involve a plastic bottle. You sir, have a very strange and disturbing habit.

So, good people of Wisconsin. If this guy shows up looking for work at you place of employment.

You will need to go back to elementary school rules and make him sign of a pass to go to the bathroom.


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