Should have gotten a Happy Meal

ZEPHYRHILLS, Fla. (WFLA) – A Pasco County man is facing a felony charge after deputies say he battered a woman with sauce packets after she brought him the wrong food from McDonald’s.

Jesus Ferrer Jr., 30, was arrested Saturday evening at his home on Gall Boulevard in Zephyrhills. Deputies responded to the area around 6 p.m. and met with the victim, a woman who knows Ferrer.

God Damn it Jesus ! Its only McDonalds. The is always a chance you will never get what you what. Most of the menu is just the same thing in a different arrangement. The fact that some woman was even nice enough to bring you food is surprising.

His hair is literally migrating south.

According to an arrest report, Ferrer got angry with her after she brought him the wrong food from McDonald’s. The victim told deputies they got in an argument that turned physical when Ferrer allegedly started hitting her in the face and head with sweet and sour sauce packets.

Nothing is worse than when a bitch be bringing chicken nuggets. Sometime you just got to put her in her place, sweet and sour style.

Deputies say the victim reached out in self-defense and grabbed Ferrer’s beard. The victim told deputies Ferrer then pinned her to the ground, put his palm on her face and pressed her head into the ground.

The arrest report says Ferrer let go of the woman when she ripped a chunk of his beard from his face. Ferrer then left the scene.

Deputies later arrested him for felony battery. The arrest report shows he has a previous conviction reference battery.

Should have ripped the whole thing off if you ask me. From what I can tell she appears to be his baby mamma. Which of course means he is setting a great example for the kids.

Looks like it wasn’t his first time attacking people, but in Florida that is somehow the norm. In his defense on the prior case, he said he wanted cheese on his Whopper. When Jesus doesn’t get the cheese, you get the fist. Are we clear?

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