And the Faqee for June goes to..

Going foward every month we will have a the Faqee ( fuck-ee) award for the most viewed blog. The only blogs that will count are original comical blogs, not commentary on news articles.

Well, June was a weird month. For almost the whole time since it was posted, Rey Diaz and the ” Safest ride in Springfield” was in the lead.

He is reppin the Hood Ubers and those freakin pants as well. But not enough to hold the lead.

We had a couple late contenders come in that just blasted by everyone. Unfortunately, the qualifying rules for a Faqee clearly state that the blog must be of a comical nature, serious posts do not qualify. So even though in 4 short days Big TruckerB and his video on the New Hampshire motorcycle crash in ” Trucker” had more views than any blog to date, it was too serious of a subject.

The winner for June was only around for the last 5 days of the month. She is somebody who was willing to stand up and say ” nobody from out of state with a foreign accent better come to my neighborhood” and is an advocate for keeping all the children of Plymouth safe from potentially lost tourist.

With out further ado, the June Faqee goes to Jenny Henrique from ” Whatever do you, don’t mess with Jenny from then block!”

Congratulations Jenny, and thank you for keeping everyone safe from nonexistent stranger danger.

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