How not to get donations

God Damn you people !!! Why are not not handing your money over to them? Friggin jerks, every one of you ! Here is the GoFundMe.

Start walking, with that attitude nobody is going to help. So we have the old far away from home , car broke down and we are broke. Why anyone would take a road trip when they are broke is beyond me, but it seems to be a common theme They don’t look like the smartest people anyway.

I’m guessing that car isn’t even worth the money they want to fix it. I would just junk it and take the $200 or whatever you get for you. You know what you can do with that money?

So if this really is happening that means they have been mooching off somebody for over 20 days now. Seems a bit unrealistic to crash on the daughters couch for a month because the car broke down. I don’t think that is a problem though. This isn’t really happening.

Wow, I just never saw that coming, at all.

No I know what you are thinking, how much cash did they get from this little scam.

It works out to be a dollar a day. Not to shabby. Should have the old car up and running sometime in the year 2023 at that rate.

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