Substitute teacher becomes a slam pig after class

Not the actual teacher, your experience may vary.

EL CAMPO, Texas — A substitute teacher was fired from her job at a southeast Texas high school for filming pornographic material inside the classroom.

Well A/V class just got very interesting again. What is the standard teacher student porn theme, needs help with work or bad boy? Who cares, nobody watches porn for the plot anyway.

El Campo Independent School District told ABC7’s sister station ABC13 Eyewitness News that the teacher was let go in connection with an “improper criminal incident” that happened at El Campo High School.

I wonder if she begged to keep her job, maybe offered to do anything, ANYTHING !!

The school official confirmed that the teacher produced porn in a classroom and a workroom last month. The school says no students were involved.

It would have been obvious if the students were involved. The simple fact that there was a line out the door to stay after for help with sex ed class would have given it away.

The school district received a tip involving the substitute and informed El Campo police and the Texas Education Agency. The police department said an officer was sent to the school last week in connection with the tip.

Ok, who is the snitch? I doubt it was less of a tip and more that one teacher sitting at home, watching the naughty school girl videos on Pornhub, an thinking to himself, ” I think I know her, and that classroom looks familiar”.

As of Tuesday, the female employee’s name was not being released, and charges have not been filed. However, police stated the woman could face trespassing or public lewdness counts.

Don’t do this to me cops ! I have to know if this was the hot teacher !!!

The substitute was employed for three months. The school district used the state system to vet the employee.

The school district said it is working with police to ban the woman from stepping foot on campus.
No biggie, just make a field trip porno, that’s all.

El Campo ISD posted a statement on Facebook regarding the tip involving the substitute:

The District is aware that an improper criminal incident involving a substitute teacher occurred at ECHS. The incident involved a singular substitute teacher and no student or other district staff were involved. The district has terminated the substitute’s employment and is seeking legal advice on this specific incident. The district continues to hold the safety and well being of our students and staff as our top priority.

Um, question. If a substitute teacher, who most likely had the least knowledge and access to the building was able to make a porno in the school basically without being noticed, how good are your safety procedures?

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