I think it’s in our National interest to cancel the Dominican Republic

Father of 2 dies after getting sick during Dominican Republic vacation

Khalid Adkins

The Dominican Republic has now killed more Americans than ISIS in the past 5 years.  Consider that.  Why anyone would board a plane for that Island is a mystery.

At least 11 other cases of American tourists dying in the last year, news station KMGH reported.

Just some of the greatest hits.

“Before going to the airport Sunday, Adkins reportedly was injected with an unknown type of medication at a Dominican hospital so he could board his flight”

I would rather play Methadone Mile Syringe Roulette before I allowed myself to get injected at a Dominican Hotel.  Here’s a word to the wise, if you can’t stock a hotel mini bar without culling out the poisonous booze, you lose all rights to give injections to sick patients.

And this…

“Strick said he was “dripping sweat and went to the bathroom to throw up and that’s when they kicked him off the plane”

Right now, there are people at Logan Airport with their bags packed headed to a DR resort, and to those people I’d ask whether the reduced “you could die” rate is worth it.

These day Haiti is looking its nose down at its neighbor, never a good look.  When Haiti is the safer part of Hispanola you have issues.

“His leg started to swell and that’s why he couldn’t get up. And he started sweating and vomiting,” Strick said. “He is just yelling and in pain, so he couldn’t talk to me.”

This is straight up nightmare fuel, because he had to be aware of what was destined at this point.

Just take the Boston to Bermuda cruise instead.

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