Ass, Gas or Grass – No one rides for free

I never understood the gas money GFMs.  You’re obviously driving during the time you’re soliciting and waiting for gas funds to come rolling in.
While admirable to work and go to college at night, don’t piss on my head and tell me it’s raining.  if you have the gas money to get to work during the day, you’ve got the gas to go to “real estate college” at night.
The money is obviously going to underwrite a years supply of those eye lashes.
Next time you claim you have to drive an hour, make sure the college isn’t actually located in the same town you live in.  It’s not as if one cannot google these things.


Gas money for college. I start on the 14th.

I am starting college on the 14th for real estate. Monday thru Thursday 6-8pm with Angelina college. I have to drive everyday after work. I need a little gas to help me out. Thank you anyone who reads this and can help. I am excited. I hate asking for help but I know I need it. I’m a single mom now and it’s hard enough

5 months ago

Thank y’all so much. I hate to even be in this position to ask for donations but the drive is 4 days a week and it’s an hour there and an hour home for 4 months. Single mom. No food stamps and paying rent and lights. I’m trying to better myself. I want y’all to know I really do appreciate this. Y’all ever need anything please don’t hesitate to ask.

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