Your next babysitter

Well all she needs is money to pay for all her tests, not a biggie. Wait until you see the email for the job offer.

Did everyone get all the mistakes there? Besides the fact that it is addressed to a guy named Jon, the grammatical errors in a professional email are scary.

I googled the number, it is a real place in Kentucky.

So basically they find child care providers for you. I thought some questions and answers to see if she would be a good fit were in order. Lets get to know Mis Rice.

Do you take cash for payment?

What are your thoughts on baby daddies with multiple children from different mamas?

Thoughts on birth control?

What is your drug policy?

What is your late payment policy?

How do you handle children who may get on your nerves?

How professional are you with difficult parents?

Is there anything about you we should know when we consider hiring you?

Thank you, at this time we don’t think you would be a good fit for us though.

We wish you the best in somehow ruining the lives of small children.

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