Whatever you do, don’t mess with Jenny from the block !

Lock your kids up Plymouth !!! A lost guy is going to steal your kids in the middle of the day, on a dead end street, in what has to be the worse kidnap mobile ever. Seriously, if he is working a one man kidnapper, a 2 door coupe would be the worse pick.

Don’t worry, nothing is going to happen in this hood thanks to Jenny ” Pumpkin Spice” Henrique !

Nobody messes with the kiddos of Plymouth!

Wayne, you have to be wrong because Dave is right.

Note to any tourist , stay the hell out of Plymouth !!

What ? NO !!!! what if he tried to steal Jenny and the kids? She is safer taking photos and reporting it on Facebook.

Well, it could have really been an English speaking white guy, but that wouldn’t sound as good in the stranger danger alert, now would it?

Yes Janet, but Walmart is for the winter when kidnapping is an indoor activity.

Isn’t that why people go to Plymouth, to rape and kidnap?

The FBI put your dad on the most wanted like for millions of counts of kidnapping, rape, and we know all about that cat he ran over back in 1987 !! He will not get away with it.

Yes, but this needs to go right to the Chief of Police !!!

Lets take a break from the people who want to be rape, killed and their kids kidnapped for a second. And listen to the voice of reason, Dorothy.

Buckle up, we know where this is going.

First time seeing one of these Dorothy?

Renee came in to let everyone know that Jenny is following procedure for this kind of event.

And then the ” gotz ya ” moment happened.

It is totally possible. How do you think these morons end up on railroad tracks following GPS. Or maybe, he is following it and missed the turn. Did you think of that?

This went on for awhile, but we will end it with a valid point.

So I have one last question. Jenny, are you going to alert us every time you see a car with out of state plates driven by a foreigner? If you do, it will be one hell of a summer.

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