This Guy has Creams for both heads

Interestingly, when Terry Penn-Ryder first associated his FB page with WTF Classified FB page, I got no few than 100 FB requests from people in Nigeria in the first 24 hours alone.  I’m glad we have cornered that market, if they could kindly view our blogs 50+ times a day would be great m’kay.

So I feel like these are my people.  Come on down and wave to the crowd, Mr. Johnson Jonny:

Johnson Johnny's Profile Photo, Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Entrepenaur, “healer” and all around Men’s Health Expert.  Need to fill in some fairway divets, he’s your Lagos version of Sy Sperling:

No photo description available.

Unable to Satisfy your woman?

No photo description available.

I’m actually going believe this one.  While I call BS on hair loss scam, I have no doubt that thousands of years of Shaman and Medicine-Men (and woman) roaming the African Countrysides free of all FDA regulations and Safety concerns have resulted in ED medicines that will rock your world.

I don’t know what is in GNC150 but I’m pretty sure my Irish Cursed unit can’t handle it.

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