A wise investment

The car is a totaled piece of junk, there will be no highest offers. I had a Pontiac once, it was a good car and still ran strong when I traded it in with 160k on it, but it was worth squat and wasn’t even wrecked.

So lets do the math. $400 for the car, say $100 for the tow and I feel pretty good saying $1500 in parts to get it going, not including labor. Thats $2000 minimum.

Doesn’t seem worth it to me.

I noticed he made a YouTube video of the car. Yet the link he gave was only to YouTube itself. I found the video, it is a 6 minute snooze fest of him trying to sell a dirty totaled car. But this was on his channel.

Um, no Richard, I don’t. And I don’t think your wrecked car is worth the money either.

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