Third time is a charm !

Still charming as ever, eh Crystal.? As you can tell, she is an excellent sales person. But she said please, so it is ok.

Now I know what you are going to say, maybe she is just annoyed by people saying they will buy stuff and not do it. But nah, that aint the case. She just has an attitude which is why she is now making her third appearance to our site.

It all started in March when she got made at people for questioning her ” need” for almost free tvs in a homeless shelter. You can relive her glorious first appear in “ Stop being mean!!”.

Then in May she reappears all but running her own department store in ” outta the poor house” .

Please, keep it up girl . Just two more appears and you will be the first person to receive the 5 Timers jacket !

I have just one last question. Will you keep the jacket or just sell it on Facebook?

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